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For Spring-Summer 2024, Ziggy Chen continues his exploration of fabrics and shapes and presents a collection focused on the concept of spontaneity.

A man with a zen and natural attitude and a casual style embodies the spirit of “Inadvertency” through fabrics, colors, and details. Ziggy Chen explores the notion of naturalness while ensuring that the pieces are highly comfortable.

Ziggy Chen uses the collage technique for the exclusive print of “Inadvertency”. Covers of old books and pieces of fabric from his personal collection have been cut and assembled to create the print for this Spring-Summer 2024 collection. This print is combined with yarn-dyed fabrics or possibly overdyed later to create a trompe-l’oeil effect.

The fabrics in the Spring-Summer 2024 collection are the result of meticulous experimentation. Various techniques such as the use of dyed threads, washing, over-dyeing, and printing are applied to fabrics made with different types and counts of threads to create different thicknesses and textures.

This season, the materials are imbued with spontaneity, with a fascinating contrast between the men’s and women’s creations in the collection. Linen, hemp, and ramie for men evoke simplicity, while silk and viscose highlight drapery for women.

New colors enrich the palette of this collection. Signature shades of earthy brown and olive green are accompanied by faded blue inspired by Chinese workwear from the 1940s, with a beautiful patina caused by years of use.

Each characteristic element of the collection represents “Inadvertency” in its own way. This season, Ziggy Chen continues and deepens his vision of reality, like a slowly advancing stream, revisiting the past through the study and application of innovative techniques in the treatment of fabrics, colors, and prints.

Styling: Elisa Voto
MUA: Cyril Leleus
Casting: Lucien Casting
Production: Napoleon Studio
PR:Federica Tattoli
Music, Video, Photography: Alessandro Tinelli
Art Direction: Ziggy Chen
Camera: Tomas Smith
Location: Palais de Tokyo


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