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paris fashion week


From Rick Owens: “I went to a Björk concert earlier this month and her intelligent, life affirming energy made me kind of embarrassed of my own mopey adolescent pessimism… and hers wasn’t a Disney escapist obliviousness, but a concerned and thoughtful trust…”

Yohji Yamamoto, the maestro of avant-garde fashion, is set to celebrate his 80th birthday on October 3. With over four decades in the fashion industry, his passion for creating remains as strong as ever, evident in the recent showcase of his latest collection in Paris…

From Rick Owens: “With our World conditions under increasing threat, jubilance seems like the wrong note but maybe it’s the only correct moral response? beyond being nice to each other, isn’t personal joy what we are put on Earth to do?…”

Ziggy Chen continues his exploration of fabrics and shapes and presents a collection focused on the concept of spontaneity. A man with a zen and natural attitude and a casual style embodies the spirit of “Inadvertency” through fabrics, colors, and details…

There were spillover crowds at tonight’s Yohji Yamamoto show. Maybe it’s because Yohji is in the air again, with younger designers reexamining his 1990s oeuvre. Maybe it’s because Yamamoto turns 79 next week and there are questions about retirement and succession…

This seasons Women’s Spring collection, like the Men’s Spring collection before it, is named ‘EDFU’ after the Egyptian temple on the west bank of the Nile in Egypt. From Rick Owens: “I have been retreating to Egypt where I find great comfort in the remoteness…”