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Julius, the avant-garde Japanese label helmed by designer Tatsuro Horikawa, unveils its FW24 collection, titled ‘[rift;]’, marking a captivating continuation of its collaboration with Fangophilia.

This season, the collection emerges with a profound narrative, drawing inspiration from the dynamic forces that shape the earth’s surface. Horikawa’s vision manifests in garments that evoke the stretching effects seen in the earth’s crust, mirroring the mesmerizing interplay of expansion and cracking. From the fissures in the earth’s mantle to the fractures in icebergs and the ruptures in the vast expanse of outer space, each piece in the collection embodies a poetic exploration of these elemental rifts.

Through a masterful blend of textures, silhouettes, and detailing, Julius once again pushes the boundaries of fashion, inviting us to contemplate the raw, untamed beauty of our world’s transformative processes.

Photographer: Mitsuo Okamoto
Stylist: Hayato Takada
Hair & Makeup: Shinya Kawamura
Collaboration: Fangophilia
Glasses/nail artworks: Aonitori
Casting: Alter, Taka Arakawa, Ino Yu
Models: Oleg, Elena, Sasha, Sylva


Founded in Tokyo in 2001 by Tatsuro Horikawa as a means to presenting film projects, the Julius label eventually developed its clothing line in 2004. Using black and grey as the main components of every collection – symbols of madness and pain, respectively – the label centers around Horikawa’s love of art and architecture, which were integral to the brand’s initial formation as an art project.



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