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Deceres and Gry Space present TIEMPO TEMPIO, a curated exhibition that marks the duo’s first collaboration and debut presentation in Los Angeles at Eyn Vas Gallery. TIEMPO TEMPIO brings together the multidisciplinary, yet complimentary, ideas of Deceres, Gry Space, Ananas Ananas, Alejandro Bataille, and Akihiro Nikaido, into a collective dialogue with the surrounding space of Eyn Vas Gallery in Los Angeles.

Through their synchronous practice, Gry Space and Deceres explore humans’ relation to time and permanence via brutalistic forms that focus on monastic philosophies represented by an arrangement of fifteen foot photographic compositions, architec- tural furniture, metal works, and botanic sculptures. Time continues to move forward, but remains present, creating a past to reference and a future to envision. As such, it inevitably becomes an asset of the creative’s narrative. The works on view are each informed, in their own way, by the temporal – past, present, and future – manifesting the presence of time, not only as a tool, but as an integral element of the works themselves.

Viewers are invited to embark on a journey that transcends mere aesthetics, exploring the profound connection between human existence and the passage of time. Translated from Spanish, Tiempo meaning time, with its Italian counterpart, Tempio meaning temple, TIEMPO TEMPIO reimagines the tabernacle, offering a sanctuary in the gallery space on Temple Street.

The furniture collection on display are never-before-seen works by Deceres, introducing new shapes that place a special emphasis on texture and thoughtful finishes. The Idro coffee table, in hand-textured aluminum, centers the Sakro chairs, in deeply wire-brushed white oak, together creating a vignette of a place of reverence. The pieces on view include the Olter II Dining Table, Juddas 06-07, and Aequs Side Table, all using a vast breadth of narrative, precision, and construction to imagine a contemporary divinity while honoring the past.
Deceres and Gry Space come together to correlate and unify diverse fields of study through a shared vision. Expressing devotion toward precise construction and natural materials, Tiempo Tempio offers a sanctuary in which to contemplate and revere the passing of time, made physical by the light and shadows that move throughout the exhibition.

TIEMPO TEMPIO will run from February 22 to March 9 at Eyn Vas Gallery, 1634 West Temple Street, Los Angeles.

Akihiro Nikaido

Akihiro Nikaido is a Japan-based ceramic artist whose unique creations are focused on the beauty of the clay itself, inspired by ancient high temperature techniques. Nikaido’s process often renders a finished appearance of advanced age, reminiscent of the weathering caused by natural occurrences. This selection of works combine the ancient and the contemporary and call the viewer to wonder what stories they might hold. @akihiro_nikaido

Alejandro Bataille Studio

Alejandro Bataille is a botanical sculptor based in Los Angeles. Crafting one-of-a-kind living pieces, his work sits in the intersection of industrialism and horticulture. Using reclaimed materials such as broken pieces of concrete, charred wood, or found objects, his pieces inspire a sense of contrast and endurance. The selection of Bataille’s pieces allegorizes the unexpect- ed life that can occur in the most brutal environments, allowing the viewer to feel inspired by the sense of perseverance nature holds. @alejandrobataille.studio

Ananas Ananas

Ananas Ananas is a food-art studio founded by Verónica González and Elena Petrossian. Their work
focuses on creating edible installations and dining experiences that encourage their audience to interact
with food in a multi-sensory and experimental way. Dos Puntos is a collection of metalware that highlights the importance of introducing experimental dining pieces in order to promote intentionality around the table, without creating a barrier between the people who are using it and the food being served. @ananas____ananas


Deceres is a furniture-focused collectible design studio founded by Jorge Arturo Ibarra and Denise Martinez devoted to reducing objects to their fundamental forms for a restrained presence. Deceres is presenting a selection of works in white oak, steel, aluminum, and bronze from their latest collection, TEMPUS, alongside a continuation of their CREDO collection. @deceresstudio

Eyn Vas

Eyn Vas, founded by Jona Sees, is a meticulous reduction of elevated wardrobe essentials, conceived to bridge the gap between urban life and a more natural existence. The collection answers the call for freedom, fluidity, and connection to our humanity by considering the modern world & our origins in the design process. Produced in limited quantities, each piece is immaculately constructed with regenerative materials. The Eyn Vas space functions as their design studio and showroom in addition to a gallery space for collaborative exhibitions. @eyn_vas

Gry Space

Gry Space is a multidisciplinary creative studio by Jen Whitaker and Emi Kitawaki. Their refined eye evokes a sensitive portray- al by connecting the realms of art, objects, space and nature. Their “Fragments Of” collection is a selection of nature-based photographs printed on large-scale Japanese Washi Paper that, when combined, enhance the naturally textural composition of the elements, therefore creating a double layer of erosion and fortification that mimic time. @gry.space

Photos courtesy Gry Space & Deceres.


1634 West Temple Street Los Angeles, CA 90026 February 22 – March 9, 2024



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