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This year’s edition of Colombian Fashion Week, Colombiamoda made a strong commitment to conscious fashion, where brands, designers and young talent demonstrated through unique pieces why it is so relevant to talk about this topic in this kind of events.

There were four capsule collections that were presented on the runway, each one with 12 looks, and whose concepts were conscious fashion, sustainability and technology, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but as a means of communication, with topics such as climate change, deforestation of the Amazon and responsible consumption. Vivo, the company sponsoring the runway, is very connected with these issues; the brand seriously considers its relationship with the environment and seeks to work towards finding solutions to different problems in this area.

For the creation of these innovative collections, the designers used ancient techniques, worked with communities and used non-polluting materials.

For the A New Cross collection, the designer Nicolás Rivero reflected on the concepts of “trauma, memory and reparation”, through three artisanal techniques that allowed garments to be understood as containers of memory and to generate changes in thought. “The catwalk had three very clear moments that were reflected through three techniques. First, “Calado” (fretwork), which is subtracting fabrics from a textile, evoking the action of taking from the earth or from life. The Hand Stich, which alludes to scars, understanding them as a wound that must be learned from and healed. And finally, “Cestería” (basketry), a technique that is a container of memory, a place to share and repair (collective weaving)”.

Highlights from the Collection

Photos courtesy of Inexmoda and A New Cross.

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