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Fashion shows


From Rick Owens: “If Venice, Italy, has been my summer retreat then Luxor, Egypt, has become my winter retreat. The vastness and scale line up with the Cecil B. Demille fantasy of Egypt in the movie The Ten Commandments, which I watch nightly while…”

There were spillover crowds at tonight’s Yohji Yamamoto show. Maybe it’s because Yohji is in the air again, with younger designers reexamining his 1990s oeuvre. Maybe it’s because Yamamoto turns 79 next week and there are questions about retirement and succession…

This year’s edition of Colombian Fashion Week, Colombiamoda made a strong commitment to conscious fashion, where brands, designers and young talent demonstrated through unique pieces why it is so relevant to talk about this topic in this kind of events…

Disconnected from past routines and facing an uncertain future, we live in suspension, unable to avoid uncomfortable truths, like the unequal impact the pandemic has had on women, many of whom have had to abandon their careers to care for their children…

From Rick Owens: “Gethsemane was the garden Jesus prayed in the night before the crucifixion; a place of uneasy repose and disquiet before a final reckoning. We’ve all been living a tense period in history waiting for a resolution, be it catastrophic or rational, in a suspense that feels…”

From Rick Owens: “Skin tight leather bodysuits underpin most looks, some with the top pulled down to hang off the hips. sharp, exaggerated shoulders on tailored coats and cropped bombers mock male conservatism careening off the rails…”