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A Synergy of Signatures

M.A+ Maurizio Amadei for Lucentement is the end result of two entities walking their individual ways through the paths of the unknown to circumstantially discover an amalgamation. This amalgamation is a reference to the relationship between Maurizio Amadei and Lucentement. There was an immediate synergy from the moment they got to know each other.

‘A constructive honest relationship and establishment of synergy’ was the motive for the collaboration belts. The token of synergy was born where the signatures of Maurizio Amadei & Lucentement fuse together.

Lustro & Tenero

Lustro & Tenero are the names of the two collaboration belts. The names mean Shine & Tender and are derived from Italian to pay an homage to the native country of Maurizio Amadei.


Lustro is an affiliation of the Classic Med MA+ Sterling Silver “+” Studded Q Buckle Black Cow Leather Belt. The Signature “L” from Lucentement is added at the end of the belt, making the Synergy of Signatures appear shiny when worn.


Tenero is an affiliation of the Wide G Buckle Cross Cuts Cow Leather Belt. Developed in a Shadow Grey color to amplify the details of the cross cuts, while making a tender appearance. The Signature “L” from Lucentement is added in sterling silver at the end of the belt, making the Synergy of Signatures appear when worn.

About Lucentement

Lucentement is founded by two brothers named Ralph and Oscar in 2013. The brothers started Lucentement to help Avant-Garde designers get more exposure via social media channels. 7 years later Lucentement is a multi-functional platform with podcasts, collaborations, latest news & exclusive articles and a curated shop.

Subsequently, Lucentement assists designers in virtual storytelling and establish brand recognition for designers via their exclusive collaborations. Lucentement collaborates with emerging designers like Deepti Barth, Maurizio Amadei, Isaac Sellam, Leon Emanuel Blanck and more.

Lucentement strives to become the most trusted and disruptive storytelling online platform within the Avant Garde Niche. With the necessity to protect and at the same time credit this niche for its incredible influence on the fashion industry, Lucentement vision is to express Avant-Garde fashion and designers online in the most righteous way possible. It’s extremely important to us to provide a physical storytelling experience to everyone that interacts with our collaborations, content
and products.

Photos: Lucentement by Thomas Kuipers.


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