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In the world of fashion, where extravagance and spectacle often dominate, Yohji Yamamoto stands as a beacon of understated elegance and profound artistic vision. His runway shows are not just displays of clothing, but thoughtful reflections on the essence of design and…

Public art is by necessity almost always sculpture: robustly solid-state forms that we can move around on the streets. Today Junya Watanabe appeared to propose the perfectly sensical hypothesis that our chosen clothing is a form of personal public art determined through our own…

From Rick Owens: “Following our men’s show, we are once again showing in my home and working compound where we began selling our collections 25 years ago – an intimate move in observance of the barbaric times through in which we are living…”

From Rick Owens: “I went to a Björk concert earlier this month and her intelligent, life affirming energy made me kind of embarrassed of my own mopey adolescent pessimism… and hers wasn’t a Disney escapist obliviousness, but a concerned and thoughtful trust…”

From Rick Owens: “With our World conditions under increasing threat, jubilance seems like the wrong note but maybe it’s the only correct moral response? beyond being nice to each other, isn’t personal joy what we are put on Earth to do?…”

Tonight’s Yohji Yamamoto show opened with the designer himself singing Leonard Cohen’s “I’m Your Man” on the soundtrack. The singer once said that the song was an answer of sorts to the perennial question, “what does a woman want?” Cohen was on the side of flexibility…